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Whether you are looking for an activity holiday with various hiking opportunities, bike tours or you just want to recharge your batteries, you will find the ideal conditions here in the Carnic Alps.

Regarding the culinary art, it should only be mentioned briefly that the chef Franz Guggenberger learned his trade from the gourmet chef Sissy Sonnleitner and worked in several top Italian restaurants. You can be sure that your vacation will not only be a scenic but also a culinary delight.

Explore the hiking offer

Mountaineering Village of Mauthen

In May 2011 Mauthen was accepted into the select group of Mountaineering Villages of Austria due to its special geographical conditions and broad recreation offer. This means that the Österreichische Alpenverein honors Mauthen as one of those villages in which the tradition and unspoiled landscapes are essential parts of the identity of the mountaineering village.

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Mauthner Alm

The hut is located at 1,501 m above sea level, at the foot of the Mauthner Alm (1,782 m). With a view of the beautiful mountains of the Carnic Alps up to the Karawanken. From the Lamprechtbauer you can reach the hut in 1 1/2 hours via a 4 km long forest path, or comfortably in 2 hours via the 6 km long forest road. You can also reach the hut from the Lower Valentinalm (Untere Valentinalm).


Gailtaler Höhenweg

Between the Drautal in the north and the Lesachtal, the Upper and Lower Gailtal in the south, the Gailtal Alps cover an area of around 90 km from Kartitsch in East Tyrol to the Windischen Höhe, Dobratsch and the Villacher Alps. The Gailtal Alps are regarded as the gentle counterpart to the Carnic Ridge and the Lienzer Dolomiten, which form a wonderful backdrop on the first daily stages.

Section 1: from Kartitsch (St. Oswald) to the Gailbergsattel
St. Oswald (1,364 m) - Dorfberg (2,114 m) ~ 2.5-3 hours - Golzentipp (2,317 m) ~ 1.5 hours - Connyalm (2,070 m) ~ 0.5 hours
TOTAL WALKING TIME 5-6 hours ascent 1,240 metres in altitude, descent 130 metres in altitude

Section 2: from Gailbergsattel to Weißbriach
Gasthof Gailberghöhe (971 m) - Jukbichl (1,888 m) ~ 2 hours - Dellacher Alm (1,667 m) - Ploner Alm (1,676 m) ~ 1 hour - Jaukenalm (1,934 m) ~ 2 hours - Jaukensattel / Reisskofelbiwak ~ 2.5 hours.

Reisskofelbiwak - Reisskofel (2,374 m - surefootedness and a head for heights required) ~ 3 hours - Törl (2,019 m) - Comptonhütte (1,580 m) ~ 1.5 hours - Weißensee / Greifenburg or Weißbriach (817 m)

Section 3: from Weißbriach to Windischen Höhe
Weißbriach (817 m) - Naggleralm (1,324 m) ~ 4 hours - Kohlröslhütte (1,523 m) ~ 1 hour - Radniger Alm (1,558 m) - Hermagorer Bodenalm (1,223 m) ~ 1 hour - Weissensee (930 m) ~ 1.5 hours

Open-air museum 1915 to 1918

Since 1983 the Association of Friends of the Dolomites (Verein der Dolomitenfreunde) has been involved in the establishment and maintenance of the open-air museum 1915-1918 with volunteers from many countries as part of its "Peace Paths" („Friedenswege“) campaign. According to Prof. Schaumann's idea, previously hard-fought batle zones should now become places of encount


By bus to the mountains

Karnischer Höhenweg (timetable)

Zollnersee hut

In the small village of Weidenburg in the municipality of Kötschach-Mauthen you can reach the Gratzhof after a short drive. From there, the gravel road, easily accessible by car, leads directly to the Zollner. Passing the first alpine huts you reach a fenced parking lot. Here you can leave your car and explore the area on foot.
A few hundred metres from the parking lot you will find the Zollner Friedenskapelle.
The Zollnerseehütte is located next to the Friedenskapelle. The AV base of the Karnischer Höhenweg was built in 1976. Today it offers an ideal place to stop by for refreshments and overnight stays.
Those who want to hike to the Zollnersee hut can reach the hut from Nöbling through the Nöblinggraben in about 4 ½ hours. If you start from Weidenburg through the Kronhofgraben, you will reach your destination in about 3½ hours.

Karnischer Höhenweg

The Karnischer Höhenweg is a unique experience for hikers, climbers, geologists, and nature lovers alike. In its diversity it is one of the most beautiful long-distance hiking trails in Europe. The path between Sillian and Thörl-Maglern leads along the ridge of the Carnic Alps on the border between Austria and Italy.

Detailed description:

1st stage: Bad Weitlandbrunn (1,094 m) - Sillianer Hütte (2,447 m) - Obstanserseehütte (2,300 m) - 23 km path length - 6-8 hours walking time

2nd stage: Obstanserseehütte (2,300 m) - Filmoor-Standschützenhütte (2,406 m) - Porzehütte (1,930 m) – 13 km path length - 5.5-6 hours walking time

3rd stage: Porzehütte (1,930 m) - Hochweißsteinhaus (1,868 m) – 15 km path length - 8-9 hours walking time

4th stage: Hochweißsteinhaus (1,868 m) - Wolayerseehütte (1,960 m) – 13 km path length - 5-6 hours walking time

5th stage: Wolayerseehütte (1,960 m) - Valentinalm (1,220 m) - Plöckenhaus (1,215 m) – 9 km path length - 3-4 hours walking time

6th stage: Plöckenhaus (1,215 m) - Zollnerseehütte (1,750 m) – 15 km path length - 5-6 hours walking time

7th stage: Zollnerseehütte (1,750 m) - Nassfeld (Alpenhof Plattner) (1,600 m) – 24 km path length - 7-8 hours walking time

8th stage: Nassfeld (Alpenhof Plattner) (1,600 m) - Gasthaus Starhand (1,459 m) - 6-7 hours walking time

9th stage: Gasthaus Starhand (1,459 m) - Thörl near Arnoldstein - ~ 7 hours walking time

Kärnten - BeherbergungBergsteigerdorf Mauthen


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