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Discover on adventurous ski tours the most beautiful ascents and the most exciting descents in the Carnic Alps. The Lesachtal and its side valleys offer countless tours that combine sporting adventure with the beauty of nature.

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We would be happy to organize one of the many trained mountain and alpine guides in the Mountaineering Village of Mauthen, who will plan the right ski tour for you and accompany you along the way. Regardless of whether you want to undertake a half-day or full-day tour, the right challenge waits for you in Kötschach-Mauthen.

Ski tours are not only suitable for particularly experienced winter sport enthusiasts. There are wonderful routes on which everyone can familiarize themselves with the equipment without ruffle or excitement. Such a more leisurely tour would be the one along the ski slope in Kötschach, which leads over the Kries to the Speckn. You can then ski downhill on perfectly groomed slopes.                   


Kärnten - BeherbergungBergsteigerdorf Mauthen


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