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The Karnischer Höhenweg is a unique experience for hikers, climbers, geologists and nature lovers. In its diversity, it is one of the most beautiful long-distance hiking trails in Europe. The path between Sillian and Thörl-Maglern leads along the ridge of the Carnic Alps on the border between Austria and Italy.

It is continuously marked as path number 403. Especially the section from Sillian to Kötschach-Mauthen is outstanding in terms of alpinism. For your route planning: The best time for this tour is late June to early October. The hike of 150 kilometres takes about 10 days without interruption. The Bergsteigerdorfhotel ERLENHOF **** is the perfect "base camp" to rest or to enjoy the unspoiled nature. From here, the most beautiful and diverse one or two-day tours of this long-distance hiking trail can be undertaken in stages.

Further information and stations on the Karnischer Höhenweg can be found at:


Karnischer Höhenweg (timetable) 


Kärnten - BeherbergungBergsteigerdorf Mauthen


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