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With a river length of approximately 120 km, the Gail is the third longest river in Carinthia and is therefore one of the most important rivers in the country. The fishing season starts on April 15th and ends on December 31st of the respective year.


The origin of the Gail can be found in the Lesachtal. From there, the rushing river flows into the Drau and is surrounded by one of the most natural river landscapes in the entire Alpine region. The Gail is not only a perfect spot to swim and relax, but it is also a true fishermen's paradise.



The Mühlbach is a junction of the Valentinbach and flows through the village of Mauthen. At the edge of the village stands the sawmill Lederer. There the fishing route begins and meanders for one kilometre through meadows and bush until it flows into the Gail. The fishermen reach the stream via Mauthen or via the Gailuferweg on the right. The abundance of grayling brings even beginners Petri-Heil!


The well-known gorge begins in Mauthen. From there, the Valentinbach winds its way through a romantic gorge with 300-metre-high rock walls. The initial 1.5 kilometres are accessible to fishermen via a viewing pier. The fish are very shy and once you make a loud noise, you will be out of luck. Since the gorge is shady, there are many fish, but not too big.
At the end of the steep path, we enter the gorge with water shoes and rockfall helmets.

The upper part of the gorge can be reached via the Plöckenstraße, where 600 metres after the Ederwirt inn, the Roman path leads to the Valentinbach, which at this point flows into the gorge via eight waterfalls. Deep green pools are home to many small but also some large fish, such as brown trout and char with beautiful markings. Fly fishing in this area is particularly demanding, but scenically beautiful.


In the flat Angerbachtal, which rises slightly steadily (from 1,200 to 1,500 vertical metres), tranquil fishing in alpine terrain is possible. Now and then, whitewater barriers with deep ponds interrupt the stream. Explore the shallow, wide gravel roads, mountain torrents and alpine flowers, meadows and high forests. In the Angerbachtal still lives the primeval brown trout with beautiful markings. The Angerbach is ideal for fishermen with patience and skill in targeted point throwing.


A reservoir that unmistakably resembles a natural lake. With natural shores, light green water and great depth visibility, the lake is nestled in the lovely alpine landscape at 1,250 metres above sea level.
It is quiet at the lake. One finds oneself in a relaxing world. The mountains are reflected in the water. The Plöckenhaus is a ten-minute-long walk away.


The rock tower of Cellon is reflected in the lake. It is located at 1,200 metres above sea level, right next to the Plöckenhaus and is fed by a torrent called "Kuchlbach".

Further information is available in the Aqua-Sol-Abenteuer fishing brochure as a PDF or under www.flyfish.at.

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